Integrated Enterprise Analytics

Giving you control through effective information management

Intellecenter serves as a single window into your organization’s data. Our platform provides cross-functional alignment for each part of your organization – sales and marketing, finance, HR, operations, risk management and IT. Role-based intelligence allows each user to query, extract and analyze data from a broad range of data sources.

The building blocks of Intellecenter are:

  1. Enterprise Analytics Integration: Intellecenter provides a single platform for all users to interact with all enterprise analytical solutions. This single business intelligence portal allows companies to easily deploy and maintain analytical solutions to business users.  At the same time, users have rapid access to relevant information that allows them to make better business decisions.
  2. Mobility: No matter what device is being used, Intellecenter provides business users 24X7 access to all their enterprise analytical solutions, resulting in increases in productivity and competitive edge. Intellecenter offers the fastest and most affordable way to mobilize your enterprise analytical solutions by transforming users into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce.
  3. Exceptional User Interface: User experience is becoming “the key” component to assure business users adopt and take full advantage of information systems. Intellecenter has been designed with the end user in mind. The intuitive and easy to navigate features enhance the user experience and increase the overall use of the enterprise analytical solutions.

Featured Solution:

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The Intelledata Edge

  • IT Outsourcing Services
    • Business & technical expertise
    • Responsive
    • Knowledgeable
  • Intellecenter
    • Single version of the truth
    • Reduces expensive point solutions & admin costs
    • Flexible models deliver customized solutions
    • Mobile ready
    • Easy to use

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