The collection industry faces increasing challenges stemming from the lack of collectability in this recently-acknowledged recession. Now, more than ever, companies must map out a plan that includes the appropriate technology that allows them to rise above their competitors.

Intellecenter Collections module is an integrated solution that proficiently manages all aspects of the collection process. The system tracks daily customer balances segregating portfolio by current and past-due. Stores all related information at the customer and account level, and combines an array of powerful features resulting in a more efficient collection process.


  • Optimize Collection Efforts
  • Contact Management and Prioritization
  • Monitoring and Triggers
  • Proactive Follow Up
  • Centralized Data (own & serviced loans)
  • Flexible Analysis and Reporting
  • Efficient Batch Letter 
  • to Appraisal, Inspection and Other
  • Secured Web App / User Profiled