“Knowledgeable,” “Responsive,” & “Experienced”

A few words that customers have used to describe Intelledata. We believe it’s important for prospects and customers to know that we have been implementing Business Analytics solutions to local, regional and global institutions for more than 10 years. Why so important?

First, we know what the C-level executives want. And what’s needed to deliver it. We share the same goal to improve business performance and employee productivity. We will automate, enhance or create new processes that assist the business groups and business analysts to be more efficient in their analysis and reporting requirements. Our team will implement best practices into organizations with disjointed and error-prone manual processes.

The second reason is cost. Our experience and expertise will save you money and time. Our library of prebuilt models can be easily tailored to fit your organization. Also, we require minimal customer resources during implementation and have little disruption on business continuity.


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The Intelledata Edge

  • Intellecenter
    • Single version of the truth
    • Reduces expensive point solutions & admin costs
    • Flexible models deliver customized solutions
    • Mobile ready
    • Easy to use
  • Consulting Services
    • Business & technical expertise
    • Responsive
    • Knowledgeable

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